Date: Oct 2019

Autumn Term - 1st Half

Good Afternoon,

I cannot believe how quickly this half term has flown by.

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Ingestre Hall, Year 5 have enjoyed a visit to Shrewsbury Prison, Year 4 had a visit from the Egyptians, the children all looked fantastic in their costumes and Year 3 loved seeing all the different animals at the Safari park. Please keep an eye out on the new website and School Life app for up coming events and diary information.

Just a reminder children break up on Thursday 24th October at 3.15pm for the Autumn half term and will return on Monday 4th November.

School Trips - These are always enjoyable and very educational for the children, it enhances their learning and they always take alot from them, the school funds a percentage of each trip but unfortunately we cannot fund the full trip, we do ask parents for a contribution for these trips, if we do not get enough contributions the trips may not be able to go ahead. 

We are approaching Bonfire night, we want children to have a wonderful time at bonfires and firework displays but please follow these Firework Safety Rules:

* Make sure children stand at a safe distance from the bonfire.

* Keep everyone well back from the display

* Never return to a lit firework

* Never throw fireworks

* Keep fireworks in a closed metal box

* Always follow the instructions when lighting a firework 

Be Safe and Enjoy

Mobile App. (School Life)

Thank you to those who have already returned their logon slips, we have over 52% of you already registered for the School Life App. which is fantastic in helping reduce the carbon footprint. We are starting to send out all notifications / messages / alerts and newsletters via the School Life App, if you have not already downloaded this, please do so, if you have any problems downloading it or registering please come into the school office to see Mrs Mills.

This will be a fantastic way of communicating in the furture. 

Breakfast Club

Bleakhouse Breakfast Club is available from 8am each morning at the cost of £4 per day. If you would like a place for your child in the breakfast club please speak to Mrs Kavanagh in the school office. All Breakfast Club payments should be paid via ParentPay on a Monday morning.


Please can we remind parents that any after school clubs need to be paid for upfront or the week the club starts.

If clubs are not paid for by the day your child attends we will call you to come and collect your child at normal school time 3.15pm.


* Children should not be riding scooters on the school premises

* No dogs are allowed on the school site

* No photo's are allowed to be taken on school site without prior permission  

Reminders ....

Please note school finishes at 3.15pm. We do have some children who are not collected until 3.30pm. If you are going to be late picking your child up, please let the office know by 3.00pm so a message can be given to teachers. After school provision can be arranged with Happy Families on 01746 861777.
If your child is absent from school please can you call the school office before 9.30am to give the reason.


We can only administer antibiotics / Medicine if it is required 4 or more times a day, 3 times a day medication can be taken before school, after school and then before bed.

If your child needs any form of medication please can you report to the school office first thing with the original packaging that the medicine came in, you will need to complete and sign a form before any medicine can be given.