• 24th Sept - Photo Day
  • 5th Oct - INSET
  • (Staff training school closed to pupils)
  • 6th Oct - INSET
  • (Staff training school closed to pupils)
  • 23nd Oct - Children break up at 3.15pm
  • Half Term - 26th Oct - 30th Oct
  • 2nd Nov - Children return
  • 17th Dec - Christmas Party Day (NonUniform)
  • 18th Dec - Children Break Up


Dear Parents / Carers

Thank you for your support and patience with our new systems this week, it has been very much appreciated.
Whilst no system is perfect, I feel like it is now working as well as possible.

Covid 19 Symptoms:

Can I remind parents that if your child shows any of the symptoms of Coronavirus then you should not send them into school.

Please contact the school office to let us know and then immediately arrange a Covid test as
soon as possible. Children shouldn’t return to school until the all clear has been given.
If we notice a child with suspected Covid 19 symptoms in school, we will immediately isolate the child or children affected and contact their parents to arrange for their immediate collection. Please make sure that your contact details are accurate and that someone in your emergency contacts list can be reached at all times. Please also make sure that we have up to date email details for you so that you can receive all of the relevant information this year.
Any child displaying symptoms (at home or school) will need to be tested immediately and their family including parents and siblings will also need to self-isolate for up to 14 days or until the test results come back negative. If a negative test result is received, then pupils should return to
school the same day.

Please keep an eye on the new school website (see link below) for updates and information.

Thank you for your continued support
Mr J. E. Bates

Please remember that we are a completely nut free school. We have several children in
school who carry Epi-Pens for severe allergies to nuts. Therefore, we must ask that no nut
products of any kind are sent into school. This includes 'Nutella' chocolate or hazelnut spreads, tree and pine nuts such as peanuts, cashews, pistachios and also things like chocolate bars E.g. Snickers or Fruit & Nut etc. It also includes sesame seed buns for sandwiches. Please keep this rule in mind if you send Celebrations chocolates into School for special events etc.

Thank you for your support in this incredibly important matter.